Five Bodybuilding Tips From Arnold Schwarzenegger For The Beginning Weightlifter

Arnold Schwarzenegger is probably the first man you picture when you think about bodybuilding, and for good reason. With over 22 competitions under his belt before 1980 and 6 world records in weight lifting, he is seen as one of the bodybuilding world’s most important figures. His wealth of knowledge about strength building, bulking, and cutting is a fantastic place for any beginner to start before finding the right routine for themselves.

For the beginning bodybuilder the best place to start is growth, says Arnold. Only after a target strength and size are achieved should you even begin worrying about cutting and refining. The best exercises for this are ones that work multiple muscle groups at once, such as the squat, deadlift, bench press, etc. Using multiple muscle groups allows you to use more weight in your routine earlier in your training, which Arnold believes is the key for quicker gains.

Using heavier weights for lower repetitions, preferably to the point of muscle failure, will help stimulate muscle growth faster. If you find yourself finishing more than 12 reps before your muscles give out, you are doing it wrong. Shocking your muscles out of complacency with different exercises is key to seeing continual gains. So, do not stick to just one routine, and try to work the same group from multiple angles.

Diet can be just as important in bodybuilding as exercising, and Arnold has some great tips for you there as well. Although there is a lot of debate about the right amount of protein you need while training, he believes that for every pound of bodyweight, you need one gram of protein. This can be difficult to manage for larger bodybuilders, but by having five meals a day instead of the usual three, you can take your required protein in more manageable chunks. Protein shakes and supplements can fill in any gaps you may have in your nutritional needs.

For the beginner, bodybuilding looks like an intimidating prospect, but with some help of a former Mr. Universe, you can overcome your fears and start finding those gains you have always wanted. Remember to work until muscle failure and to change up your routine, as well as making sure you get every bit of nutrition your body needs to make quick recoveries and great muscle mass. With these tips in mind, and with a lot of hard work, it will be easier than you think.