Three Things To Know About Supplementing As Part Of Your Bodybuilding Routine

Bodybuilding and supplementing appear to go hand in hand. Most guys who build tons of muscle in the gym usually have a secret, nutritional weapon up their sleeves. Some even use prohormones and other products to help them bulk up. Before you start shopping for a supplement, however, there are a few, crucial things that you should know.

Good Nutrition Starts At The Table

The best way to fuel yourself up for a good workout is to eat right. Vitamins, supplements and any other manufactured product will not be absorbed and synthesized as well as natural foods. Start getting your protein from eggs, lean meats, fish and leafy greens. If heavy, solid meals aren’t helping you bulk up like you want them to, then you can start supplementing. Don’t expect any pill, shake, powder or shot to make up for a poor diet and all-around laziness when it comes to good nutrition. You might get good results from a superior product, but the results will be temporary if you don’t start eating right.

Don’t Get Carried Away With Food When You Start Taking Prohormones

A good prohormone will accomplish a number of things. Commonly referred to as performance enhancers, these products can increase your endurance and shorten your recovery times. They can also significantly increase your muscle mass. While you’ll definitely need to consume more calories in order to compensate for the extra calories that you’re burning in your increasingly grueling workouts, you still have to pay attention to where these calories are coming from. Choose your meals and snacks carefully so that you’re building lean muscle mass, rather than packing on unattractive and unnecessary fat stores.

Never Make Supplements Or Prohormones Your First Step

When you start bodybuilding, take some time to see the results that you’re capable of producing on your own. Outside products are designed to help people push past their perceived limits in bodybuilding. It’s also important to give your body adequate time to adapt to the physical rigors of your new bodybuilding routine, before you start putting any additional stresses or demands on it.

When you do begin supplementing, start slow. If using a prohormone for the first time, don’t try stacking it. Take one product at a time to gauge how your body responds. This will make it easy to identify the source of any adverse effects along with the products that are best in line with your needs and goals.