Time To Head Outdoors

When you talk to the majority of people out there about where they go to complete a workout, the majority would most likely say that they workout at a gym. While there is inherently nothing wrong at all with working out at a gym, we will instead be focusing on a different place for a workout. That different place will be the outdoors and while outdoors, there are a variety of different workouts you can do outdoors as well. So, with all of that being said, we will be taking a look at a total of five workouts that can be completed outdoors.

Outdoor Workout #1: The Basketball Court

While reading that title, you may be wondering if we are going to be imploring you to play some basketball, while that is a great sport to play, it is the basketball court we are interested in here. There are a variety of running based exercises that can be done using the out of bounds lines on a basketball court, such running exercises as sprints, lateral hops and side shuffles, but if you bring a basketball with you and you want to play a little after getting that exercising done, hit a few shots for me.

Outdoor Workout #2: Scavenger Hunt

This one may really seem odd to a lot of you people reading this right now, but hear me out for a moment as we continue on. What the purpose of this hunt is will be to come up with a list of exercises to do outdoors like push-ups, jumping jacks and so on, then get some friends and come up with some landmarks at a local park, then assign exercises to each landmark and then see who can find all the landmarks and complete all the exercises first.

Outdoor Workout #3: Medicine Ball Time

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but it should be included on this list because medicine ball exercises are great and being outdoors is great as well. So, this one should be easy for all of you out there who use medicine balls during your workout and what you need to do is move those medicine ball related workouts from the indoor gym setting to the outdoors. Plus, if you one of those creative types of people out there, then you can probably create some additional and fun outdoor medicine ball routines to be doing.

Outdoor Workout #4: Sailing & Rowing Classes

One of the best workouts you can do involve the activities known as sailing and rowing, which not only get you outdoors, but it will get you on the water as well. There may be no better feeling in the world than getting an amazing workout with sailing and rowing classes, being outdoors and also enjoying the greatness of being on a body of water. The great thing is that you can even take sailing and rowing classes by yourself, so if you are not the social type, then you can still get this great workout in.

Outdoor Workout #5: Trail Running

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but since this is number five on the list, we should probably shed a little light on this one anyway. For those who have never been trail running before, it is a truly great experience because not only will you get to work out your body via the sport of running, but you get to enjoy the greatness that is mother nature as well. The good thing about this one is that no matter where in the world you live, there are plenty of trails to run in, which means there is plenty of variety for the runs as well.