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White and bright or colourful and welcoming, the walls of your home play a central role in the furnishing of every room. For a long time, in fact, interior design has enhanced the importance of the walls in the construction of hospitable and pleasant living environments, proposing countless solutions for their decoration.

Not only the choice of different colors and finishes, therefore, but also and above all the addition of decorations that take advantage of the vertical dimensions of the room will give the whole a personal touch, in line with your tastes and the specific needs of the space available.

From paintings to prints, through removable stickers, mirrors and wallpapers, the possibilities are truly numerous and versatile. With a few gestures and – above all – without the need to intervene with long and expensive structural changes, every room in the house can be transformed, reinvented and shaped according to the will of those who live there.

In recent years, interior decorating experts have developed many proposals to make home environments unique. All the houses, from those conceived in a rustic style to those characterized by sober and elegant environments, can therefore be enhanced by adding furnishing accessories in harmony with the chosen style, starting with the decorations dedicated to the walls.

Among the great classics to embellish the house will never miss, for example, paintings and prints of every shape and size: they can be placed not only in the room intended to accommodate guests, but in any domestic environment.

Depending on the style of the furnishings or the type of space available, it will be possible to add a touch of personality with the right painting, opting for the most suitable colours and sizes. Geometries, light colours and regular arrangements will be perfect to enhance the rooms of houses furnished in modern or contemporary style.

Solutions with vintage frames, arranged irregularly with the juxtaposition of prints of various sizes, can instead give each room a vaguely retro touch.

One of the latest trends of recent years, after all, is the shabby chic style, which pursues a refined carelessness in the furnishing of rooms and is inspired by the bright farmhouses. In this case it will be almost a must to decorate the walls with paintings of antique taste, with pickled or recycled frames and soft and natural colours.

If you intend to add an original touch to your home, know that the choice of paintings and prints to hang on the walls is one of the easiest ways to decorate every room, provided you follow some simple rules. The first one? The first is to respect the proportions of the space available, choosing elements that fit into the dimensions of the wall in perfect harmony.

Before proceeding with the placement you can make some tests to verify which is the optimal position: place the canvas on the wall at the chosen point or create a composition among the various prints and frames available, placing them together on the floor. Usually it is preferable that the larger elements are in the middle of the wall, surrounded by smaller paintings that balance the extension.

Finally, the narrow walls can be enhanced by frames that follow their verticality and give visual impetus: you can also achieve the same result by combining several small paintings, simply by placing them one on top of the other at close range.