Bedroom Lights – Point lighting organization

Bedroom Lights – Point lighting organization

Many believe that it is easier to arrange lighting in the bedroom than in other rooms, as the main principle is that the light should be soft and unobtrusive. In fact, this is not quite true, because in the bedroom, we spend an average of one-third of our time – reading, relaxing, dressing, etc. Accordingly, light here must perform various functions, which is not always possible to achieve.

To help in this matter, we will further consider the features of the correct organization of lighting in the bedroom with the help of lamps.

General Information

It should be said at once that the main light source is not sufficient to provide comfortable lighting, even if the chandelier is selected correctly and is located in the center of the room. In some cases, however, central light is not needed at all, using only local lighting fixtures.

This means that the spotlights in the bedroom are always relevant, as without them, it is impossible to organize the lighting correctly.

The use of these devices has several advantages:

  • They provide the possibility of zoning the bedroom.
  • Provide diffused light, which is most comfortable for eyesight.
  • Lighting your bedroom with lamps looks good in terms of interior design, as these are an additional decoration of the room. So with their help you can change even the most unsightly interior.
  • Spotlighting allows you to favorably highlight paintings and other decorative elements.
  • Easy installation of devices, so that they can be installed by your own hands, as well as excellent performance.
  • Ability to install in any place where it is required. Sometimes light sources even cut into furniture.
  • These products can fit into any interior, regardless of its style.

There is a common misconception that organizing lighting in the bedroom is a very expensive procedure.
Indeed, there are very expensive devices, however, with a competent approach you can “enrich” the interior and achieve comfortable light, using lamps, whose price is not high.

Organization of lighting in the bedroom with spotlights

Lighting by the bed

First of all, a cozy bedroom is unthinkable without a light at the headboard. It is necessary, perhaps, even more than the overhead light, especially for those who like to read before bedtime. In their case, it is best to give preference to desk lamps located on the nightstand by the bedside table.

The design of the luminaire depends entirely on the general interior of the room. For example, if the room is decorated in a classic or rustic style, a lamp with a fabric coloured lampshade will be an excellent option. Such an element is not only useful, but also perfectly cope with the decorative function.

When selecting a luminaire, you can pay attention to the sensor models. They not only switch on the light with a single touch, but also adjust the brightness in the same way. In addition, you don’t have to spend time looking for a switch on a dark, cloudy morning.

As an alternative to table lamps, there are suspended lights above the bed in the bedroom. They are attached to the headboard at a distance of about half a meter from the floor. In this case, a bedside table can also be dispensed with.

Torscher has recently become a rarity in modern bedrooms, except when there is a chair in the room. However, this type of lighting should not be completely ignored.

The good thing about the floor lamp is that it can be easily moved anywhere in the room if necessary. In this way, you can correct the light pattern of the bedroom, which, of course, does not allow you to make wall fixtures.

Work area lighting

As mentioned above, the bedroom is not just a place for us to sleep. Here, as a rule, the owners clean up near the mirror before leaving the house. If there is no separate dressing room in the house, the bedroom has a wardrobe with clothes.

All these and other work areas also need to be well lit, and, subject to some rules:

  • When illuminating the area near the mirror, the sources should be placed symmetrically, on the sides of the mirror. It is possible to use hinges above the mirror, however, sharp light from them should not fall into the face.
  • If the wardrobe or cloakroom is not equipped with light, you can install the light yourself. Rotary spotlights are best suited for this purpose.
  • When lighting a desk, the source should be located on the left side of the workstation.

Decorative lighting

Finally, we should say a few words about decorative illumination. It is clear from the title that it does not perform so much the lighting function as decorative. With its help, you can emphasize some of the advantages of the interior, emphasize on any details or vice versa hide the shortcomings of the room.

Decorative backlighting can be used for paintings or mirrors. Also, it often decorates the contours of furniture, for example, the headboard of the bed, etc. By experimenting with backlighting, you can get a very interesting effect. In addition, it is able to replace a nightlight.

The main thing is to think over the location of light sources, as well as the correct selection of models of lighting fixtures to ensure that they look harmoniously with the rest of the interior.