Tips for bright and positive interior design

Tips for bright and positive interior design

The setting of the house seriously affects our mood. If in winter we want coziness and warmth at home, in summer we want bright emotions, positive mood and interesting activities. Thanks to the original summer decor of the room will be able to create an easy and pleasant environment, reminding that outside the window – the most wonderful time of year. We have prepared a selection of the best tips on apartment decoration!

Living room

We’ve said more than once that Provence style likes pastel shades. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t diversify them with a few bold “strokes”! The summer decor of the room should start with textiles. Put the dense winter curtains aside and hang the translucent ones with a floral pattern.

Choose the tone of the sofa cushions: green, yellow, crimson colours are welcome. By the way, you do not need to change the pillows themselves: just buy some unusual pillowcases. In our shop they are presented in a huge range.

In summer we strive to spend as much time outdoors as possible – for example, in parks and gardens. Create the same relaxing atmosphere at home will be possible thanks to the summer room decor of straw or vine. Of course, there is no reason to buy new chairs or tables for the living room: you just need accessories such as wicker baskets, flowerpots or vases braided with vine.

If you have a thick carpet in your living room, in summer it will be appropriate to replace it with a thin wicker or patchwork carpet. Pick up a tablecloth for your coffee table and napkins to match it. And in the relaxation area, cushions with a contrasting shade of pillowcases will be the decoration – you can put them right on the floor.

Such a summer decor of the room will certainly attract the attention of household and guests and will cause a desire to sit in a cozy atmosphere with a glass of cold lemonade!


The bedroom is a place where color is very important. The green, blue, lilac and all their shades will be the most successful rooms for summer decor. They combine perfectly with white, not only making the room light and elegant, but also causing the illusion of coolness.

The main role in the decor of this room by the summer will play a textile. Bed linen decorated with bright poppies, beautiful butterflies or delicate lavender flowers will seem like a blooming meadow, and translucent curtains, passing soft moonlight, will create the perfect atmosphere for a good sleep.

A graceful addition to the summer decor of the room – live flowers in transparent glass vases or bouquets of artificial lavender twigs, as well as elegant statuettes of meadow inhabitants – birds and animals.


The main summer decor in the kitchen can be dishes. Take away for a while monochrome ceramic bowls and plates, and on open shelves put trays with bright ornaments, dishes in the form of leaves, plates with roosters and lavender, glasses and decanters of colored glass.

As a summer decor suitable jars for storage of loose products with coloured ceramic lids, decorative bottles. Fruit dishes will look great – just choose the fruit that does not spoil in the open air for a long time: apples, plums, pears, nectarines.

Even drinks can be a summer decor! For example, if you keep your homemade lemonade or compote in a beautiful lemonade garden, putting it in a prominent place.


Just imagine how pleasant it will be to cheer up and charge positive emotions in the morning, looking at the summer decor of the bathroom! For starters, replace the boring gray pipettes with bright ones – orange, green, blue. Ideally, if they are decorated with flowers. You can add bright shades of towels to the set. Think about changing the shower curtains and the foot mat.

You can also put flowers in the bathroom – a good idea would be to buy artificial flowers and hang them in a cachepot on the walls or on shelves. Vases and jugs can also be used as summer decor for the room. It is not necessary that they have a practical function – the main thing that adds to the room elegance.

Balcony and veranda

In summer balconies, verandas and terraces become one of the favourite places to relax: here you can enjoy the evening coolness or the first gentle rays of the sun, breathe in the scents of summer. You can transform them for the holiday season by choosing the right textiles.

For summer decor, pillows with floral print and embroidered bouquets, butterflies and leaves are suitable. They will not only make your vacation comfortable, but also give the veranda view of the house in the woods. You can throw a small cotton tablecloth on the table.

Of course, it is on verandas and balconies the best place to grow live plants. Buy a beautiful cachepot and pots to decorate your summer veranda – and the flowers will look even more attractive! Don’t be afraid to experiment by choosing a cachepot in the form of an antique bike, a basket, a pot with a sculpted image of a rooster, a box.

They will look unusual and attract attention. By the way, an interesting effect can also be achieved through the original arrangement of pots. For example, you can choose a small rack and place on different levels of pots, watering cans, small statuettes, jars with shells.