Furniture in Provence style

Furniture in Provence style

Provence is one of the most popular styles for interior design in Russia. Not beaten, light, light, it looks good in spacious country cottages, and in small rooms of apartments in houses of typical development.

This style is romantic, but not infantile. It has no abundance of ruffles, pink color, soft toys and other decor with a clear childhood and adolescence reference.

In Provence, there is a sense of respect for nature and the environment. This style celebrates the beauty of natural materials and shades. It is eco-friendly and pleasing to the eye. Decorated in the Provencal style, the room will be comfortable for every member of the family.

Choice of Provence style furniture

Interior design has five important components. And every step is necessary to create a cozy and harmonious environment.

When designing a room, the following details are thought out:

  • room layout;
  • wall, floor and ceiling decoration;
  • lighting design;
  • selection of Provence style furniture;
  • use of accessories and decorative items for the home.

Thus, Provence style furniture plays an important role, and if it is chosen incorrectly, you will not be able to create a harmonious and beautiful interior.

Vintage Provence style furniture

The most complementary to the Provencal style is the vintage furniture. Ideally made by hand.

Characteristic features for furniture in the Provence style are:

  • use of natural materials (wood or veneer, metal, vine, rattan, textiles);
  • the natural range of shades or bleaching;
  • carved decoration and complex shapes.

If you look at the photo of furniture for Provence, you will not see bright, shouting colors, strict geometric lines, glossy surfaces. On the contrary, artificially or naturally aged things will fit better into a rustic interior. So do not be afraid of peeled paint or faded coatings – these are the details that will help furniture in the style of Provence successfully complement the situation.

Alternative for Provence style furniture

Finding a headset 30-40 years old in good condition is difficult enough. And renovated furniture will cost a fortune. What other ways to find furniture for the Provence style? Modern furniture will do, but you just need to choose sets that are as close to the old ones as possible.

If the vintage Provence style living room furniture option is not for you, there are more affordable and inexpensive options. For modern furniture for bedrooms in the style of Provence,

Please pay attention to the following details when choosing:

  • the surface should not be glossy;
  • you can choose any shade with reference to natural wood or painted furniture (light tones);
  • you should avoid furniture collections with clear geometric shapes – facades with rounded edges, carved edges and other decors are better suited;
  • fittings should look vintage, such as imitating metal or ceramics.

These criteria make it easy to find furniture for your living room in Provence. A suitable option can be found in the budget price segment, and among representatives of premium class.

Provence Style Furniture: Handmade Ideas

Handmade furniture perfectly captures the spirit of the Provencal style, but such headsets are expensive. So a great solution would be to buy budget furniture and decorate it with your own hands. Budget wooden dressers, tables and chairs can be found in almost any chain furniture and construction store – they are in the same Ikea.

To blend in well with Provence style furniture, it is possible:

  • to cover it with a stain;
  • paint white or any pastel shade;
  • decorate with decoupage;
  • change the upholstery.

Furniture accessories to help convey the spirit of Provence style

What if you don’t want to waste any time redoing the furniture? The following tips will help you fit almost any item into a Provencal style environment.

1. Use capes and blankets

If you need Provence-style upholstered furniture, but don’t want to get rid of your sofa and chairs, buy the right bedspreads or capes and use them for decorations. The Provence style supports a little carelessness, so you just need to put a blanket or napkin on top of your armrests. These can be one-piece cloths with a distinctive pattern (e.g. floral) or linen or cotton cloths with applique or embroidery.

2. Buy themed bed linen

Can’t find suitable children’s furniture in Provence or a stylish bed for your bedroom? Buy a nice bed linen that fits the design of your bedroom – it can also be a decorative element.

To support the Provencal style, you can choose both monochrome bed linen in light shades or bright sets with plant or animal motifs. Such prints on the bed linen, by the way, are now particularly popular, so the bedroom will look not only stylish, but also modern.

3. Use wicker and linen baskets

Choosing the right bathroom furniture in the style of Provence is difficult – in addition to the appearance of it also has requirements for moisture resistance, so wooden headsets will not be the best choice. In this regard, bathroom furniture in the style of Provence can be chosen from plastic or coated with film.

4. Hang open shelves

The simplest open shelves are perfect for the Provence style. So are the open shelves. They are used more for decorative purposes and are decorated with pots, figurines, floral arrangements, aromatic candles, etc.

5. Use dishes for decorating in the kitchen or living room

In the Provencal style, you can find very beautiful dishes. They can be both standard sets and decorative items such as drink jugs, fruit vases, cute lemongrasses. They can be used as an ornament. Make a regular table with a suitable tablecloth, place beautiful themed dishes on it – and you will get a perfect styling for Provence.