How to decorate a room

How to decorate a room

If you do not know how to decorate a room without the help of a designer and without the cost of repair, this article is for you. Any interior can be transformed, if the main role in this matter is given to the details.

They can make it cozy and stylish. It is important to choose the decor on the basis of the general style and design of the room, while not too much and not overload the room. Otherwise, we will get the anti-trend of recent years – senseless decoration.

How to decorate a room with your hands

The jewelry in the room brings a special mood. Houses with bare walls, window sills, shelves look cold and faceless. But once you add accents, your room will be a real masterpiece.

How to decorate a house with a decor:

  • Flowers. The trend in recent times has been to use artificial plants: modern technology makes them virtually indistinguishable from the living, yet they are incomparably easier to care for. Choose compositions in cachepot, trolleys, buckets and baskets. You can place them anywhere in the room. Balls of artificial flowers look great. The method is quite simple, but the room will immediately play with new colors.
  • Decorative pillows. Modern sofas are often already equipped with their own cushions. You can beat them by buying a decorative pillowcase in a different color. If you like to change the design of your room regularly, you’ll like options with thematic drawings. For example, you can choose pillowcases with New Year’s symbols for winter, flowers or Easter bunnies for spring, etc. An interesting solution is to add decorative pillows of different sizes. Textiles always give softness and coziness to the interior. Make sure the products are in harmony with the overall interior solution of the room.
  • Luminaires and candlesticks. Thanks to the right lighting, staying indoors will be more pleasant. Warm candlelight fascinates and soothes, making all objects in the room look new. Lamps, sconces, lampshades and floor lampshades will help to create cozy corners, transforming the desktop, reading chair, area near the bed. Pay attention to interesting candlestick figurines, lanterns, table lamps – thanks to their bright design they will attract attention and become the visual center of the room.
  • Paintings. Same variants will be different types of plates, posters in the frame, a panel.
  • Decorative plates. They will be a decoration of your sideboard or an interesting decoration on the wall. They can be used both in the spacious kitchen in an apartment and in a small country house.
  • Beautiful dishes. They can be glasses of coloured glass, complemented by a decanter in the same shade.
  • Statuettes that will dilute your room. They can be the usual figures in the form of people or animals or original, for
  • Boxes and caskets are beautiful and stylized. For the kitchen, a great option will be metal cans and bread of the same color in the same style.
  • The collarbone. Even such seemingly insignificant and little use of the object can become a decoration of the apartment and put in order, as now your keys will have its place in the house.
  • Hanger. In the form of an openwork bike – a great addition to the style of provence, and with clear straight lines and the inscription “Home” – for the modern.

Ideas for decorating a room

If the question of how you can decorate a room with your own hands is of concern to you and you don’t know where to start, determine the style of your room. After all, decorations should become part of it and not conflict with it. We make sure that all the elements in the collections of our online store combined, they had a common style and color scheme. This will allow you to easily and quickly complete the interior of the apartment.

Classic Style

  • Complete the classic interior with vintage products to emphasize elegance and sophistication. These can be openwork frames in gold or silver. Create an entire gallery from them, hanging on the wall in different order: chaotically, staircase, around a center.
  • Add mirrors. Now there are old mirrors in the trend that you can make out of a regular mirror with your own hands. These can be mirror trays or many small wall mirrors placed close together to create a certain shape.
  • Hang the curtains on the windows. Use soft pastel colors.
  • Use classic wall and desk clocks. Such decorative elements will show your sense of style and love for everything exclusive. A vintage object will be a great decoration for your room.

Contemporary interior

  • Add bright color spots. For example, decorative cushions that can be placed throughout the apartment. Ideal places are sofas, armchairs, chairs and window sills.
  • Hang a multi-frame: it can be inscribed or simply in a monochrome laconic frame.
  • Hang or replace thick curtains with lighter and lighter ones.

Provence or rustic style

  • Accentuate your style with artificially aged objects using frames, candlesticks, vases.
  • Add lavender decoration. It will fit perfectly and complement the style. Our online store has a large collection of “Lavender”: from tableware to flowers and pillowcases. A single color range and style allow you to easily beat the interior of provocation.
  • Place more candles. They can be of different heights and diameters. It’s great if they’re lavender scented.