Lavender color in the interior

Lavender color in the interior

The lavender color in the interior is able to diversify and enliven any room. And by combining lavender with other shades, you can achieve different atmosphere – from mysterious and mystical to gentle romantic or extravagant. In the article you will find recommendations that will help to properly decorate any room in the house, while not overdoing the color.

Lavender color in interiors of different styles

Despite its inherent beauty and airiness, it is not suitable for every room.

Lavender looks best in interiors that are decorated in styles:

  • a provanza that is historically linked to this colour scheme;
  • a classic where purple represents aristocratic luxury and sophistication;
  • hi-tech, where lavender notes can add vivid colours and soften up a bit softer style.

The lavender colour scheme is best used in the decoration or elements of decoration, and the furniture should be in delicate pastel tones. Light shades of lavender are suitable for classics. They can serve as a background as well as an accentuating element, where the lavender colour will look great in furniture upholstery or textiles.

How to use lavender color in an interior

1. Wall decoration

The variants of solutions depend on the particular room. The bathroom is suitable for light tiles with miniature lilac patterns such as violets or lavender. In the bedroom or living room the most spectacular will be photo wallpaper with lavender fields, and in the children’s room – wallpaper of light purple scale in small peas.

Fully lavender walls in the interior can be done only in light shades and in fairly spacious rooms. But it is better to limit yourself to adding this color in part in the design of the room or so effectively highlight a separate section of the wall.

2. Furniture

A lavender colour can be added to the bedroom interior by choosing a bed with a soft headboard of this shade. In the Provença style room the main role can be played by a vintage closet, the surface of which is painted in light purple. In a modern bedroom, a wardrobe with a lavender field photo print can be used as an accent.

3. Textiles

A more airy atmosphere can be created by using delicate lavender textiles. In the bedroom it can be bed linen with a violet vegetable print, in the kitchen – bright ranner and napkins of similar colors, in the living room – thick lavender curtains with white curtains.

What does the lavender color in the interior match?

The right combination of lavender color with other shades will not overload the interior and create the right accent.

The most popular are combinations of lavender shades with the following colors:

  • White is a win-win choice for almost any style decision. This combination will allow to dilute cold white tones, making the room light and easy, while not boring.
  • Grey is a contrasting combination, ideal for modern design styles. It is best to combine this range with pastel shades. And if you add gilding and silver shades to the interior, you can create a great classic style.
  • Pink – a combination that allows you to bring a gentle and romantic touch to the interior. Most often such colors are used in girls’ rooms, as well as in rooms in the style of provence, where all shades of lavender are appropriate.
  • Green tones – this combination looks particularly juicy. A good choice when designing a kitchen or dining room.

The combination with lavender blue can add a delicate touch to a room: it will seem light and airy. If you have a small room, this option will visually expand it and make it spacious. Special care should be taken when combining lavender with rich blue.

Ideas for implementing a lavender bedroom interior

  • In the styles of Provenance and Classic, this design can be created using light furniture against the background of walls painted in light lilac. If you want the lavender color to prevail in the bedroom, all you need to do is glue the wallpaper with a delicate pattern or paint the wall, which adjoins the headboard. On a bed to put a blanket of colour lavender, and at bedside tables to put a flower or any other decor.
  • The easiest way to set a lavender mood in the bedroom is to use textiles of this color scheme. Bed linen on the bed and curtains in a tone on his window will provide the desired effect. The main thing is that there is no excess of bright shades.
  • One of the walls can be decorated with photo wallpapers with the image of lavender, and the other can be hung family photos in stylish photo frames in appropriate colors.

Lavender décor

To bring a touch of bright or calm lavender shades into the interior, you do not need to completely change the design of the room, planning a major overhaul. It is enough to add some decorative elements in the appropriate color scheme. As an accessory you can use it:

  • vivid paintings and a lavender panel;
  • decorative pillows in purple and lilac shades or white but with prints of lavender;
  • storage boxes with images of lavender fields;
  • Bouquets of dried lavender, which can be used in any room, especially for the styles of provence and country.

To bring a touch of bright or calm lavender shades into the interior, you do not need to completely change the design of the room, planning a major overhaul. It is enough to add some decorative elements in the appropriate color scheme.