The Biotechnology Industry

The Biotechnology Industry

The main goal of the biotechnology industry is to invent brand-new biologically-active substances, for the therapy of disease, the pharmaceutical sector, and the monitoring of agriculture.

The UNITED STATE is the globe leader in biotechnology, presently offering work for greater than 300,000 people in over 6,000 UNITED STATE biotech firms, with an approximated market capitalization of approximately USD 281 billion in 2008. The biotechnology sector has more than tripled in dimension since 2000, with incomes enhancing from USD 25 billion in 2000 to more than USD 80 billion in 2008. In 2007, Amgen, Inc., the world’s biggest biotechnology business, achieved overall sales of USD 14.7 billion. Expectations are that the biotechnology market will certainly increase to more than USD 130 billion by 2011.

Geographically, the U.S. make up 65% of the biotechnology market, Europe 23%, Canada 7%, Australia 3%, et cetera of the globe, 2%.

Today, genomics as well as bioinformatics advancement both are being pursued within significant pharmaceutical companies. There have been vital collaborations with standard IT modern technology companies such as IBM, Hitachi, Ltd., Samsung, SK Telecomm and Motorola. The UNITED STATE biotechnology study and also pharmaceutical market spent a record USD 8.5 billion in 2007 on the R&D of new medications and also vaccinations.

As of 2006, the biotechnology industry contrasted positively with the pharmaceutical market in regards to R&D expenses per staff member. Financial backing financial investments in bioscience business reached USD 11.6 billion in 2007.

Ernst & Youthful reported that in 2006, 82 publicly-traded Canadian biotech firms asserted S3.2 billion in revenue, making up 4.4% of worldwide biotech incomes. Human health accounts for the largest segment of the Canadian biotech industry, representing over half the rate of interest of all biotech companies, approximately 70% of all biotech incomes and nearly 90% of all biotech R&D. Bioinforrnatics supplies an important capacity for the Canadian biotech market, including genomics as well as other “omics”, cells engineering and also drug exploration modern technology.

Canadian bioinformatics companies consist of Bioinformatics Solutions, Inc., DNA LandMarks, Inc., and also Kinexus Bioinformatics Corporation. Montreal, Quebec, has Canada’s leading biotech cluster, followed by Toronto, Ontario; Vancouver, British Columbia; and also Winnipeg, Manitoba. Learn more about the Compliance with Title 21 CFR Part 11 by clicking here.

Five European Union (E.U.) participant states-Denmark, Finland, Germany, Sweden and also the U.K.-continue to be world leaders in biotech advancement in addition to the U.S. as well as Japan. In the 2nd half’ of 2007, European biotech firms got to USD 765.3 million in financial backing investment. In January and February of 2008, financial backing funds invested a total of USD 145.6 million into brand-new European biotech business; nevertheless, with the economic anxieties of the latter part of the year, numerous European biotech companies might locate it tougher to raise money in very early 2009.

The Biotechnology Sector Organization of Germany (BlO Deutschland), situated in Berlin, has more than 180 participants, including firms, BioRegions, and also sector provider. The goal of the organization is to support as well as promote a steady economic climate via innovation in bioscience. Amongst the German biotech business are the Biotechnology Research as well as Information Network (MIND AG), 4SC. AG, Bionas, UmbEl and also Direvo, which just recently (September 2008) was bought by the German pharmaceutical as well as chemicals gigantic Bayer HealthCare. Because’ the burgeoning German biotech market, typical German clinical business like Eppendorf, AG, Sartorius, AG and Qiagen likewise have gotten into the act.


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